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St Ann's Science Curriculum

The science curriculum is designed as a “sticky knowledge” based subject using statements from the national curriculum, meaning that children in each year group build upon learning from their previous year group. Whilst we feel it is important for children to learn and retain the information learnt in science, we design our curriculum to provide exciting learning opportunities which teach scientific skills and forms of enquiry in line with “working scientifically” statements. Our science curriculum has been designed to be a progressive subject where learning begins in the Early Years Foundation stage and is then built upon throughout each key stage.

A distinct feature of our science curriculum is our approach to teaching. We build exciting learning opportunities (both inside and outside of the classroom) into the curriculum which enable children to be engaged with science. Providing these experiences help our children to retain the knowledge, this is especially important to the children at St Ann’s who have limited experiences and therefore this feeds into our cultural capital.

A strength of our science curriculum is the ability to engage pupils and cater to their needs. On the whole, there is a very positive attitude towards science, children enjoy science lessons and especially enjoy practical lessons/investigations. The children, especially in KS2 could recall lots of information and facts about their previous and current science topics. Some of the children could also give information that they had retained from previous years science lessons. This demonstrated that as a school we are delivering a sticky knowledge-based curriculum where children are able to talk about and use what they have learnt and build upon this.

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