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Key Stage 1 Art Club Summer 2024

It was wonderful to begin a new Key Stage 2 art club this week and all of the children were very enthusiastic about all of the ideas that we have come up with. We have started our first project and used the watercolours to create a set of backgrounds which we will build upon next week. 

Key Stage 1 Art Club Spring 2024

In week 3 we have added stem and seed centres to our printing from last week and created some wonderful sunflower artwork. We will be selecting some paintings to add vases to before we move on to a something new. 

We started our art club looking at Van Gogh's sunflowers. Van Gogh is Reception's focus artist and the children enjoyed seeing this artwork again, they remembered the name of this artwork, the artist and some interesting facts.  

Using a range of colours that we had identified during our discussion,we printed our own sunflowers onto different sized paper. Next week we will be adding stems and vases to create our own version of Van Gogh's famous artwork. 

Key Stage 2 Art Club Autumn 2023


Next we drew our initial designs onto black paper and they used chalk pastels to complete our artwork. Finally we created photo frames using cardboard to display our angels. 

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