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St Ann's Geography Curriculum


The geography curriculum is planned to ensure children are gaining geographical knowledge of location and place supported through the use of maps, physical and human features and local geographical field work. Units of work have been developed with the use of Odizzi and Kapow as a supplement. The curriculums aim is to develop children’s knowledge, experiences and understanding of geography, inspiring and igniting their curiosity about the wider world and their understanding of communities.

We aim to develop children’s:

  • Contextual knowledge of the location of globally significant places, through the understanding of key physical and human characteristics. Including the understanding of the physical, social, and economic forces which shape those places and the people who live there.
  • Children’s ability to define physical and human characteristics.
  • Locational knowledge of places around the world.
  • Map skills which help locational knowledge, fieldwork skills, scale and perspective.

For us, geography begins in the local environment and our school grounds, then extends out into the wider world.  The studies include cities, rivers and counties of the UK and then stretches into continents, oceans, rivers and mountain ranges in Europe and other parts of the world.  Projects include volcanoes, the water cycle, coasts and comparing and contrasting world environments. 


Geography an enquiry-based subject which is taught weekly over a half term, alternating with History. A unit of Geography begins with a hook lesson to engage the children where the overarching question is posed. Where appropriate, History and Geography make links and the skills and knowledge taught are transferable between the subjects. Each lesson within the unit will begin with a sub enquiry question which children come back to at the end of the lesson. Each lesson within a learning sequence builds on knowledge that children will learn to answer the overarching enquiry question at the end of the unit.

Geography Documents

Our Geography curriculum begins in the Foundation stage under the area of learning Understanding The World (The Natural World). Please click on this link to view the Early Years curriculum plans for Reception and Nursery.

Learning in Geography

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