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St Ann's PE Curriculum


The school’s PE curriculum is designed so that pupils keep fit and healthy and understand a healthy lifestyle improves their physical and mental well-being as well as giving them all opportunities to take part in sport. It is our hope that our students will become physically literate and develop the knowledge, skill and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy, active lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.
Many of our children have limited experiences and opportunities outside of school, so the curriculum aims to give them as many opportunities as possible.
The lessons in PE focus on children achieving their personal best and this ensures that children remain engaged as they are challenging themselves. The three Christian values of hope for a positive future, respect and perseverance help drive this curriculum. 



PE at St Ann’s is taught weekly from reception through to year 6. The curriculum has been designed to be progressive and also links to local sports competitions that are organised across the town. Knowledge of how to perform fundamental movement skills are built upon each year as the children move through school. These are designed to improve agility, balance and coordination which are the basics of physical literacy.

Learning is sequenced through the REAL PE scheme where children are challenged to embed their knowledge, ensuring that the basic building blocks are in place. With this knowledge, the children then look to apply it in games contexts, which looks at more traditional sports such as hockey, cricket and rugby. The children also engage in REAL dance and REAL gym to ensure all children have the opportunity to succeed and find an activity that suits them.

The curriculum is enriched by creating intra schools’ competitions and encouraging children to engage with after school clubs. In the foundation stage, the children are exposed to REAL foundations which introduces them to fundamental movement tasks that support and build on the children’s continuous provision.


PE Documents and MT plans (Games, Gym, Dance and Swimming)

Our PE curriculum begins in the Foundation stage under the area of learning Physical Development (Gross Motor Skills). Please click on this link to view the Early Years curriculum plans for Reception and Nursery.

PE and Sports Premium

Year 1 and 2 doing cricket with Cheshire cricket during Summer 1
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