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St Ann's Staff


Senior Leadership Team

Head teacher: Mrs K Keen

Assistant Head Teacher; SENDCO;  KS1 & Foundation Stage Leader: Mrs K Sherwen

Assistant Head Teacher; Key Stage 2 Leader:  Miss L Hunt (Maternity Leave)

Assisstant Head Teacher, Key Stage 2 Leader (Maternity Cover); PE, Sport & Extra-curricular activities Coordinator; Worship and Ethos leader:  Mr S Cartledge

ICT Lead; Online Safety Coordinator; Remote Learning Coordinator: Miss K Fairclough

Pastoral Care and Safeguarding Coordinator: Mrs L Grumbley


Class Teachers

Nursery Teacher    Mrs Sherwen

Reception Teacher  Miss Brierley

Year1 teacher       Mrs Murray

Year1 teacher       Mrs Howard

Year 2 Teacher      Mr Murrall

Year 2 Teacher      Mrs Thompson


Year 3 Teacher     Miss Highton

Year 4 Teacher     Miss Fairclough

Year 5 Teacher     Mr Cartledge

Year 6 Teacher     Mrs Goulding

Year 6 Teacher     Mrs Skilling

Teaching Assistants

Mrs K Beauvironnois (Y3)

Miss L Blackwell (Y1)

Mrs N Cannell (Y4)

Miss S Caunter   (Y6)

Mrs L Collins

Mrs P Duxbury  (R)

Mrs A Everitt (R)

Miss J Hilton (Y2)

Mrs M Jones (N)

Mrs V Knight (Y3)  

Mrs J Maitland (Y6)

Mrs L Eyres (Y1)

Miss M Oates (N)

Miss K Stockton (N)

Mrs L Swift-Bate

Admin Staff

Mrs A Gatley

Mr J Verdon

Mrs B Buckley

Mr A Cameron

Mrs J Allen

Mr B Hancock

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