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St Ann's Year 3 Spring Term 2018

Made in China


This term, we will be flying across the world and visiting China. 

We're going to look back thousands of years to
the Shang Dynasty, discovering one of the earliest Chinese civilisations and exploring why Lady Fu Hao was such a powerful, important person. We will compare the villages and cities of China to ones we know in the UK, and learn about different types of farming. In Science, we will look at classifying different types of animals and their habitats, learning about endangered species and what we could do to protect their homes.

February is a really important time for Chinese people as they celebrate their new year. We are going to have our own Chinese New Year celebrations, using our Art, DT and Dance skills to creatively explore this exciting time.

WARNING: Watch out for dragons.....


In RE this term, we will look at the Islam faith and learn about the importance of the 5 Pillars of Islam to Muslims. After learning what all 5 Pillars mean and stand for, we will focus predominately on the Pillar of Salah (prayer) and discuss the importance of prayer to people of faith.

Moving onto our Christianity topics, we will then look at the prophets of the Bible, talking about how these people were called by God to do a job on Earth. We will explore their thoughts and feelings on being given this huge responsibility and discuss how their actions could guide our own.

Finally, we will learn about the Easter story and talk about the joy and sadness felt during the events of Holy Week. We will explore these feelings in more detail during our Easter service.

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