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Spring 2019



The first RE topic we will explore in the Spring Term is ' Eucharist- Why do Christians celebrate the Eucharist?' We will be exploring the different ways in which Christians celebrate the Eucharist and understanding why it is seen as such an important time in the Christian calendar.    

Next, we will explore 'Exodus - Why is the Exodus such a significant event in Jewish and Christian history?' In this unit we will explore the event of the Exodus holds such significance for Christians and Jewish faiths and link this to the Jewish Passover meal. The children will take part in a deep learning day where they will take part in a passover meal, eating the food and learning about the significance of the foods eaten during this meal.   

Finally, we will be thinking about Easter Story and  in particular thinking about the questions 'Who was Jesus?' and 'Who is Jesus?'  We will explore how Christians believe that Jesus was the Messiah and was sent to save humans. 


The learning question that we will explore during the Spring term will be "Vikings. Invaders or Settlers. You decide!" Using our focus text 'Beowulf' by Michael Morpurgo, we will be looking closely at the history of the Vikings including why and how they invaded England, the impact they had on England and their way of life. This may even involve a visit to school from a Viking!

In the second half term. we will  focus our learning on the human body and in particular the heart. The children will discover about the journey of blood around the body and the job the heart has in making this happen. Through Wonder by R.J. Palacio the children will explore how their actions and words can impact upon the feelings of others and how we are all individuals. 

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