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Summer Term 2019



During the first half term, we will be exploring the question, ‘Why is the River Mersey so important to Warrington?’ We will learn about the journey of a river, from source to sea, and learn about some of the river features that are created along the way. We will map the River Mersey and discuss the use of the river, from past to present. In art, we will be designing our own cityscapes of Liverpool, discussing the buildings along the Liverpool waterfront.

In the second half term, our big question is, ‘What happens to the food we eat?’ This topic will focus on all aspects of the human body. We will learn what happens to the food we eat and the different organs and processes the food goes through in our digestive system. We will also look at the types of human teeth and the ways that we can keep our teeth healthy. Finally, we will learn about the human skeletal system and name the main bones in our body.


In RE, we will be thinking about the question, ‘Are all churches the same?’ We will discuss what a church is and the things churches do to support their congregation and their local community. We will compare the similarities and differences between churches of different Christian denominations and reflect on the importance of a church in the lives of Christians. We will also look at places of worship from other faiths, comparing them to the Christian churches we have studied and visited.

Remember to write any questions you have in our Big Question book, and we will talk about these in our Reflection times at the end of the day.

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