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During the first half term, year 3 will be learning about states of matter in science, as part of our topic on water. We will be observing demonstrations in to four important processes: melting, freezing, evaporating and condensation. Children will have the chance to experiment with these four processes and answer tricky questions through experimentation. For example, children will be melting chocolate and using fizzy drinks to find out more about carbon dioxide and whether or not it has a mass.

After the may half term holidays, our focus will be on the human body and the digestion system. Children in year 3 will be looking at teeth, movement, bones and the digestive process to develop an understanding of the human anatomy and what happens to the food after they’ve eaten it. In design technology, children will be designing and making their own healthy lunch, using their topic learning to help them along the way. We will be testing different breads and other ingredients to find the right one for their designs.


In geography we will explore the water cycle and the children will be deepening their understanding by making their own water worlds. Also, we will study rivers and map out the river Mersey. Towards the end of the half term, the children will be given the opportunity to design their own cityscapes of Liverpool. Through art, they will be re-creating their own buildings and landscapes based on their understanding and discussions from topic learning.


In RE, we will be thinking about the question, ‘Are all churches the same?’ We will discuss what a church is and the things churches do to support their congregation and their local community. We will compare the similarities and differences between churches of different Christian denominations and reflect on the importance of a church in the lives of Christians. We will also look at places of worship from other faiths, comparing them to the Christian churches we have studied and visited.

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