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St Ann's Year 3 Spring Term 2019

Prehistoric Britain :

The Stone Age

During our History topic this term, we will be travelling back in time to learn about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We will be answering big questions, such as what is prehistory? Starting with the Stone Age and going right through to the end of the Iron Age, your class will discover how humans first came to Britain, how they lived and what developments were made in each era. We will be investigating how people lived and how they hunted and gathered food. We will be looking at different land uses including Hill Forts, Skara Brae, houses through the ages and Stonehenge. We will also be learning how bronze and iron were made.

In Art, we will create Stone Age dyes to create mats through weaving fabrics.

In Science, we will be exploring lightness and darkness, thinking about reflection and light sources. We will apply our knowledge in DT lessons as we create our own torches.



In RE, we will look closely at Jesus’ life, especially focusing on his authority. Using extracts from the Bible, we will learn about where Jesus' authority came from, how Jesus showed his authority on Earth and the occasions on which he challenged the authority of others. 

We will also be looking at the Jewish celebration of Shabbat, linking this to the Christian Sabbath. We will learn about how and why Shabbat is celebrated and hold our own Shabbat celebration in class. 

Finally, we will study the Easter story with a focus on the themes of betrayal and trust, linking this to our values of honesty, trust, forgiveness and reconciliation.

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