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Jesus is special

During our R.E. unit, we have been learning lots of Bible stories that show how special Jesus was! We have been looking at how others would have felt when Jesus did all these amazing things like feed 5000 people, turn water into wine and calm a storm.


We will be focusing on why we thank God for a good harvest and how we can help those who may not have as much as we do. We are also very busy this term preparing very hard for our Harvest service and learning about the Christian Charity, Latin Links.


Topic - Why did London Burn?

During our Autumn Term learning, we will be learning about the Great Fire of London. We will explore how the fire started, when the fire started and why London resulted in a huge fire! We have 2 special visitors during this term - Warrington Fire service will be coming in to talk to the children about fire safety and how the fire service is different today compared to the past. We will also have "Delve into History" who will be doing a workshop with the children. During this, they will get to act out the scene of that terrible but historical night and play the part of key characters. We will also be looking at the involvement of the Pudding Lane bakery and making our own bread!

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